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It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our newest venture in partnership with Bayou City Hemp Company:

8th Wonder Cannabis.

In February of 2021, we were introduced to the wonderful people at BCHC, and from that fateful encounter we dipped our toes in the hemp world with the creation of our non-alcoholic Wonder Water Herbal Seltzer line (D8, CBD, and Trillionaire), which launched six months later. Fast forward to today, and we’re ready to dive right in to the proverbial deep end of dank.

What can you expect? By late October, there will be a dispensary tucked in the corner of 8th Wonder Distillery (@8thwonderspirit), where you will be able to stock up on all your favorite hemp-derived goodies. In due time, we will be unveiling quite the stash of new products. One thing is certain, we’re incredibly excited and we can’t wait for you to check it out.

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Email us: cannabis@8thWonder.com

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