Aaron Mendiola

Account Representative (San Antonio)

Aaron was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. He grew up a Spurs, Cubs, and Cowboys fan and remains so to this day. Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Grindcore and the like is pretty much all he ever listens to. How does he fit in with 8th Wonder you ask? With nearly 20 years drinking craft beer, and almost 5 years working in the industry prior to being hired on here at the brewery, Aaron is well equipped to rep the 8 in San Antonio!"

"Hey San Antonio, I hope you are ready to drink some excellent 8th Wonder beer. I will be all over this great city. If you see me out, come say hi." - Aaron "BeerMetalDude" Mendiola

8th Wonder Brewery

2202 Dallas Street | HouTex 77003

Taproom Hours:

Monday thru Saturday 11a-10p | Sunday 11a-6p

p: 713.229.0868

8th Wonder. The 1 You Want.

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